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Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

Jelly Beans are a fun way to explain salvation. We have included some recitation programs and a song for smaller children that works well as an Easter skit, including some really cute jelly bean costumes. We've even pulled it all together with a Jelly Bean Bible Lesson, some Jelly Bean Games and Jelly Bean Printables. Check out all of our Easter Bible lessons, Easter crafts, Easter Games and Easter programs to help children learn the importance of this holiday. Just go to our Subject Search - Holidays - Easter for a complete list of creative resources for your children's ministry. Some of our favorites include Blessing Eggs Bible Craft, Pom Pom Sheep BIble Craft.

Sunday School Science

Sunday School Science

We are excited to announce that we have just added a new category to our website for Science Experiments! Amaze your children with cool science that sizzles, expands and changes color. These make great attention getters for Bible lessons like "Expect The Unexpected" for the birth of Jesus and "Jesus Washes Away Sin". We also have fun Science-To-Go packs that you make ahead and children can take home to share the message with family and friends. Don't miss our new VBS program called The Amazing Time Machine that incorporates all of our new science experiments. All this and our archive of hundreds of ideas for children's ministry is available to our subscribers.

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Mess-Free Glitter

  • Fold an 8-1/2" x 11" piece of paper lengthwise. Unfold and flatten back out.
  • Use the paper to line a 13" x 9" inch cake pan
  • Place your item in the pan and sprinkle with glitter.
  • Have an adult carefully remove the paper. Bend it with the fold and all the glitter will slide down to the crease.
  • Carefully tip up one end of the paper and pour the glitter back into your container.

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