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Finger Paint Indian Corn Bible Craft


In A Nutshell

With this hands-on fall Bible craft, children use paint to make a cute Indian Corn decoration.

Finger Paint Indian Corn Bible Craft


Preschool, Elementary

Estimated Time

30 minutes

What You Will Need

  • Indian Corn Template (See Downloads Below).
  • Acrylic or finger paints in fall colors
  • Pencil with eraser
  • White glue
  • Brown paper lunch bag
  • Scissors
  • Raffia


  • Cut out Indian Corn Template.
  • Cut the bottom off the paper sack. Slit the side of the bag so you can open it out flat. Fold in half, then half again, repeating until you have a roll approximately 4” wide. Taper each end and cut up the sides. This will give you 8 corn husks.


  • Children should pick colors for their first ear of corn. When choosing colors it is best to pick 2 different colors for each ear of corn.
  • Using the end of their index finger or the end of a pencil eraser, dip into paint and dot on the first ear of corn. Pick second color and repeat. It is okay to overlap the colors and go beyond the outside lines.
  • Repeat with other ears of corn.
  • Take three corn husks and wrinkle them between your hands. Unroll them. Overlap the three at one end gluing to secure.
  • Once dry, cut out your corn ears.
  • Glue the husks to the back of the Indian corn.
  • Tie raffia in a bow and glue to the front.


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