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Piggy In The Mud Recipe


In A Nutshell

This snack with marshmallow and pudding is not only adorable but kids will love to eat it. Use this recipe for a snack to go with our Growing In The Son VBS or as a treat for any time. This is also a very easy recipe that even kids can make in just a few seconds. We served this at our VBS and one of our five-year-old boys cried because he said it was too cute to eat!

Piggy In The Mud Recipe


Preschool, Elementary, Tweens, Teens

What You Will Need

  • Chocolate Pudding
  • Pink Marshmallow
  • White Cake Icing
  • Red Food Coloring
  • #12 Cake Decorating Tip and Pastry Tube
  • Black Decorating Gel (We used Wilton brand which can be found in the cake decorating section)


  • Mix some food coloring with your icing until it is a darker pink than your marshmallow.
  • Fill pastry tube with icing and pipe icing on the front of the marshmallow for a nose, two ears and a tail.
  • Use black gel for eyes and two dots for the snout.
  • Spread pudding in a puddle on your plate.
  • Gently set pig in the middle of the mud puddle.
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