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Sock Turkey Thanksgiving Bible Craft


In A Nutshell

This Thanksgiving Bible craft uses a sock to make an overstuffed turkey. Too cute to pass up!

Sock Turkey Thanksgiving Bible Craft


Elementary, Tweens

Estimated Time

30-45 minutes

What You Will Need

  • 1 Brown sock (womens or childs size)
  • Rice or dried beans to fill sock
  • Funnel with large end
  • 2 Rubber bands
  • Orange craft foam
  • Turkey template (See downloads below.)
  • 15" Thin orange ribbon
  • 7-9 Orange feathers
  • 5 Yellow feathers
  • Small piece of yellow felt or paper
  • 2 Googly eyes
  • Red pipe cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  • Use template to cut feet and feather back from orange foam.


  • Using the funnel, make the body by filling 3/4 of the sock with rice. Close with rubber band. Add more rice to make head. (This is usually the heel of the sock.) Close with second rubber band. Roll remaining sock down over the head to make a cap.

  • Tie ribbon in a bow around the neck of the turkey.
  • Glue feet to bottom of turkey.
  • Glue orange feathers onto feather back in a fan shape. Glue yellow feathers to the other side of the feather back. Glue feather back to the back of the turkey.
  • Use remaining two orange feathers for wings.
  • Cut out a small triangular beak, Glue beak and googly eyes to turkey. Cut off an piece of pipe cleaner about 1-1/2" long. Fold in half and twist. Glue to turkey to make the wattle.


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