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God Pumpkins Bible Craft


In A Nutshell

Children can decorate with this God Pumpkins Bible craft, stacking three pumpkins to spell “God”. Although an adult needs to do the carving, there is much the children can do. Downloadable pattern included.

God Pumpkins Bible Craft
God Pumpkins Bible Craft
God Pumpkins Bible Craft


Elementary, Tweens, Teens

Estimated Time

30-45 minutes

What You Will Need

  • 3 Pumpkins (vary in sizes with largest being about the size of a volley ball)
  • CGC God Pumpkin Template (See Downloads Below).
  • Paper (2 pieces)
  • Clear tape
  • Push pin
  • Sharp serrated knife
  • Votive candles (3)


  • Print template on paper and cut out each letter


  • Before you start, pick your smallest pumpkin to be "G", medium pumpkin for "O" and largest pumpkin for "D".
  • Adult Only: Using a sharp knife, cut a circle around the stem of the pumpkin. Angle your cut in to make removal of the top easier. Repeat for each pumpkin.
  • Have child use their hands to scoop out as much of the seeds and stringy membrane as possible. (Note: you may wish to save the seeds to clean and dry for other crafts). Repeat for each pumpkin.
  • Tape the "G" template to the front of the smallest pumpkin.
  • Use the push pin to punch holes outlining the fish. Push the pin through the paper and into the skin of the pumpkin. (This will give you a pattern to follow when cutting).
  • Remove the template.
  • Adult Only: Use the knife to cut out the fish pattern on the pumpkin.
  • Repeat with the "O" on the medium sized pumpkin and “D” on the largest pumpkin.
  • Place candles in bottom of each pumpkin and light them..
  • Place "D" pumpkin on bottom without the lid. Place "O" pumpkin on top without the lid. Place the "G" pumpkin on top of the stack with its lid in place. You may need to do some trimming on the tops of the bottom two pumpkins to make sure they stack level.
  • Adult Only should light the candles when ready.
  • You can also set the pumpkins side by side instead of stacking them.


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