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Bible Boot Camp VBS


In A Nutshell

Kids get back to nature as they learn about walking with God at Bible Boot Camp. Camp guides lead campers to campsites at Raging River, Sleepy Mountain and Hidden Cave to make awesome nature crafts, play games, and go on the Great Adventure Hike as they make discoveries about God. With the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus explains how we as Christians should treat others and the path we should take if we are walking with God. Even as Christians our walk will not always be easy, and we will have many challenges along the way, but if we stay on God’s path, we will find our way to be with him in Heaven.

Bible Boot Camp VBS


Preschool, Elementary, Tweens


Creative Nature Crafts:

  • Bible Boot Camp Journal (See Related Activities).
  • Boot Print Binoculars (See Related Activities).
  • Stick Pencil Holder (See Related Activities).
  • Bible Boot Camp T-shirt (See Related Activities).
  • Stick Frame (See Related Activities).
  • Drink Coasters (See Related Activities).
  • Roaring Roll Call Horn (See Related Activities).

Fun Games:

  • Big Boot Relay (See Related Activities).
  • God-sized Boots (See Related Activities).
  • Great Adventure Hike (See Related Activities). This activity uses from 1-3 decorated rooms. If you choose to do this activity, we recommend bringing all your groups together at one time. Start each group in a different room, then rotate. If you have more than three groups, you can set up another station with the other games.

Awesome Lessons:

  • The Good Samaritan for younger children (See Related Activities).
  • The Good Samaritan for older children (See Related Activities).

Camp Guides and troops of campers:

Wear boots, hiking shorts and Bible Boot Camp T-shirts. Can also buy bandanas or make make colored kerchiefs to tie around your neck.

Camp Snacks:

  • Trail Mix (See Related Activities).
  • Campers in the Blanket (See Related Activities).
  • Microwave S’mores (See Related Activities).
  • Ants On A Log (See Related Activities).

Added snacks could include:
Fresh fruit such as grapes, bananas and apples, fruit juices and water

Camp Songs:

  • Bible Boot Camp Theme (See Related Activities).
  • Good Samaritan Chant (See Related Activities).

You can also go with traditional favorites such as "I’m In The Lord’s Army" and "Onward Christian Soldiers" which can be found on many sites on the web.


Turn your classrooms into a series of three wilderness camping sites including the Raging River, Sleepy Mountain and Hidden Cave Camps. Get great and easy ideas for decorating with little to no budget.


  • BBC Logo Black (See Downloads Below).
  • BBC Logo Color (See Downloads Below).
  • BBC Promo and Name Tags (See Downloads Below).


Pick and choose the activities that work best with your group and time. We have attached some suggestions on possible schedules. We have provided a 2-1/2 hour and a 3 hour schedule as well as a schedule using a traditional game session and one doing the Great Adventure Hike. (See Downloads Below). As a finishing touch, invite parents to join you for a campfire and weiner roast to end the day.


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