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3 Great VBS Programs FREE for Subscribers!

3 Great VBS Programs FREE for Subscribers!

From your Sunday regulars to a host of new guests, Vacation Bible School is a great way to get children excited about God. CGC has three original VBS programs to choose from. All are FREE to subscribers.

With The Amazing Time Machine, children join our scientists Dr. Hekyll and Professor Jive, as they travel back in time TO DISCOVER GOD!

With Growing In The Son, introduce kids to life on the farm where they'll dig into the Bible and learn how they can grow in God.

If you don't have a full week, try our 1-day Bible Boot Camp where kids get back to nature as they learn to walk with God.

You don't have to be a subscriber to check out our previews to all three great VBS programs. Click "Bible School" under the subject search for all three program previews.

Introduce Kids To The Perfect Valentine

Introduce Kids To The Perfect Valentine

Valentine's Day is the perfect time for Bible lessons about God's awesome love. We have some wonderful Valentine's Day Bible Lessons about "What Love Is" and "Sharing The Love" plus many Valentine's Day Bible Crafts and some delicious Valentine's Day Recipes to help you reinforce the message. Be sure to check out these Valentine's Day items for all ages. Also view Holidays>Valentine's Day under Subjects for even more ideas.

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

DIY Valentine's Day Cards

Check out our cute and easy ideas for DIY Valentine's Day Cards. Children will love making their own card to share and it is a great way to pass on the message of love. Patterns and easy to follow directions are included for each card, so grab some materials, get your group together and start sharing the love!

Faith In Jesus

Faith In Jesus

When Jesus walked on water he taught a powerful lesson about the importance of having faith in Him. Children learn this powerful message through walking on water bible lessons as well as walking on water games and crafts that help reinforce the message.

Celebrating Easter

Celebrating Easter

Easter is fast approaching and if you wondering what you are going to do in your Children’s Ministry to celebrate this most important holiday then look no further. Christian Games and Crafts is loaded with ideas for Easter Bible Lessons, Easter Crafts, Easter Games, Easter Programs and much, much more for children of all ages. Everything can be down loaded immediately, has easy to follow instructions and patterns to get you going quickly. Just click on Easter here or under Holidays in the Subject Search in the left column to see all we have to offer. We at Christian Games and Crafts wish you all a wonderful Easter as we celebrate our Lord’s triumph over death.

Check out all of our Easter Bible lessons, Easter crafts, Easter Games and Easter programs to help children learn the importance of this holiday. Just go to our Subject Search - Holidays - Easter for a complete list of creative resources for your children's ministry. Some of our favorites include Blessing Eggs Bible Craft, Pom Pom Sheep BIble Craft.

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“Pretend Needles” for Small Children

If you a doing a threading craft with string or yarn, make "pretend Needles" with the thread and a bit of glue. Make "needles" on the ends of the string by dabbing a small amount of glue on the end of your finger. Roll the ends (about 1 inch) of the string between your fingers to coat them with the glue. Set aside to dry. They will stiffen and create a temporary child-friendly needle.

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