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Heart Pendant Necklace Bible Craft


In A Nutshell

For Valentines or anytime, this polymer clay Bible craft necklace is always a hit.

Heart Pendant Necklace Bible Craft


Elementary, Tweens, Teens

Estimated Time

2 day craft because of baking and drying times

What You Will Need

  • 1 clay heart pendant bead and 4 regular clay beads (See Clay Charms and Pendant Beads and Clay Beads in Related Activities). If you don’t wish to make these, you can buy beads. Just make sure the holes of regular beads are big enough for one strand of hemp and the pendant is big enough for two strands of hemp.

  • 11 small beads such as 6/0 “E” Beads (with hole large enough for hemp)

  • 35” length of string - 20# hemp
  • White glue
  • Paper plate


  • If you are making your own clay charms or beads, you will need to do so prior to making the necklace.


  • Give each child a paper plate with their beads, charm and string.
  • Make a “needle” with both ends of the string. Apply a small amount of glue to the end and roll it between your fingers a few times. Let dry.
  • To attach the charm, thread the hemp through the top of the heart bead, then through a small bead, then back up through the heart bead. Adjust your hemp so the the heart pendant is in the center of your necklace.
  • Tie a half knot with both pieces of hemp as close as possible to the heart pendant. (This will help make the heart hang down straight).
  • With one piece of hemp, measure approximately an inch and tie a knot in the thread. Add a small bead, a large bead, a small bead, then knot again. Repeat with the other strand trying to keep the knots/beads on both sides even.
  • Measure approximately another inch and repeat the above step.
  • Measure approximately three inches and place a knot in the thread. Add a small bead and another knot. Repeat with other strand.
  • Bring both ends together and tie a knot, allowing enough room to slip the necklace over the child’s head.


A great project for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day, or to go with any lesson about the heart.

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