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Old Testament Review - Moses Bible Lesson


In A Nutshell

Your class becomes a Bible-time newspaper office, and your children become reporters, editors, illustrators and ad designers for their own newspaper about the life of Moses. This is a great review lesson to help reinforce previous Bible lessons about Moses.

Old Testament Review - Moses Bible Lesson


Elementary, Tweens


Book of Exodus and Numbers

What You Will Need

  • Any resources about Moses such as children’s bibles, story books, etc.
  • Old Testament Review Layout Printable (See Downloads Below).
  • Crayons or markers
  • Newsroom sign (See Downloads Below).


  • Print Newsroom sign and put on classroom door
  • Print Old Testament Review Layouts, at least 1 for each child
  • Review the sample newspaper created by a mixed-age group from age 3 to 14. (See Old Testament Review - Moses Printable in Related Activities). You can also show this to the class to give them some ideas.

Bible Lesson

  • Help children brainstorm ideas.
  • Tell the story from a different perspective. Interview a spectator, an animal or even an object such as a tree, a pair of sandals or a staff. Pair children up to play the parts of interviewer and spectator.
  • Ads (ideas and illustrations)
    • Items you might sell for the plagues
    • New sandals for wandering in the desert
    • Basket boats
  • Wanted ad
    • Person to free the Hebrew slaves.
    • New slaves for the Pharaoh
  • Children can pick items based on their abilities. Some may want to write while other prefer to draw. For very small children, read a Moses story from a Children’s Bible. Then go back and look at the pictures and have the child retell the story. Write it down for them.
  • Draw pictures to illustrate stories.
  • Try to encourage children to pick different stories so that you can cover most of Moses’ life.

Putting It Together

After the children complete their newspapers, they can take turns reading them aloud to the other children, or visit another Sunday school class and read for them.


Thank you Lord for all you do for us. Help us to be like Moses. Help us be ready to do what you want us to do. Help us to use our talents to do you will. Amen


If you have someone with Desktop Publishing skills, you can make a more professional looking newsletter. Use the OT Review Header file in downloads below. You can make copies and have the children hand them out to other children's classes.

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