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Bible Boot Camp T-shirt Bible Craft


In A Nutshell

Our Bible Boot Camp T-shirts are a fun and inexpensive way for your whole camp to make matching shirts. This is a great Bible craft for all ages. This Bible craft is part of Bible Boot Camp VBS, a 1-day Vacation Bible School Program.

Bible Boot Camp T-shirt Bible Craft


Preschool, Elementary, Tweens, Teens

Estimated Time

About 5 minutes per child.

What You Will Need

  • Colored T-shirt
  • Wax paper
  • Large black fabric ink pad. Check your local craft store or order online. The brand we used was VersaCraft Ink Pads by Tsukineko. (Be sure to test your ink on a piece of fabric in the washing machine to make sure it will work).
  • Old pair of children’s boots with a thick tread (a great find at garage sales)
  • Iron
  • Parchment paper or press cloth


  • Pre-wash and dry T-shirts
  • Turn your boots upside down. Lightly tap the ink pad on the boot several times until the boot is well covered with ink. Press the boot onto a piece of paper to test the tread. Make sure it stamps evenly. Repeat with other boot. Cut out boot prints to use as a placement pattern.


  • Tear off a piece of wax paper about the size of the shirt. Insert the paper inside the shirt. This will keep the ink from bleeding through to the back.
  • Place your footprint patterns on the front of your shirt. Experiment with placement until you are happy. *Again turn your boots upside down. Lightly tap the ink pad on the boot several times until the boot is well covered with ink. Remove the paper pattern from the shirt and replace it with the boot. Press down firmly and evenly to transfer the ink onto the shirt.
  • Repeat with the other boot.
  • Set aside to dry.
  • Once dry the ink needs to be heat set. Using a hot, dry iron, place the parchment paper, or press cloth, on the shirt and iron for about two minutes.
  • For best results don’t wash the shirt for about a week. If you want to make the shirt and have the children wear that day, just send a note home with them to not wash it for a few days to help set the inks.


If you can find stamps with small letters, you can add "Bible Boot Camp" to the shirts as an added touch. If you make the shirts when the children first arrive, they can wear them as soon as they dry. Depending on your ink, some dry as quickly as 15 minutes.

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