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Great Adventure Hike Bible Game


In A Nutshell

This Bible game has children following boot prints wherever they may lead through the wilderness. This activity reinforces the truth that as long as they follow in God’s footsteps, they will always find their way home. Even as Christians our walk will not always be easy, and we will have many challenges along the way, but if we stay on God’s path, we will find our way to be with him in Heaven. This Bible game is part of Bible Boot Camp VBS, a 1-day Vacation Bible School Program.

Great Adventure Hike Bible Game
Great Adventure Hike Bible Game
Great Adventure Hike Bible Game


Preschool, Elementary, Tweens, Teens

What You Will Need

  • Boot Print Patterns (See Downloads below).
  • Copy paper or card stock
  • Items to creat a wilderness maze such as large boxes, chairs, tables, blankets, children’s play equipment, etc. See Bible Boot Camp Decorations in Related Activities.
  • BBC Camp Maps (See Downloads below).


  • Print the Bootprint Patterns and cut them apart (See Downloads below). You will need many of these to spread throughout the maze area.
  • Create the maze using as many obstacles as you can. Use the boot prints taped to the floor to lead the children through all of the obstacles. Rooms can be created using all three camp site themes, or all themes can be incorporated into one room depending on the number of children you have and your space restrictions. See the Wilderness Map (See Downloads below).
  • Count each footprint in that camp and write it on the camp sign.


Camp guides start with their troop of campers at one of the three camps.

Explain: We are going to walk God’s path through the wilderness in the Great Adventure Hike. We will face lots of challenges along the way, but we must remember to always stay on the path. To get through the wilderness, you must step in the boot prints as you hike the wilderness. If everyone makes it all the way through the camp without stepping off a print, our troop will make the total points for the camp (as shown on the camp sign). Any step off of a boot print deducts a point. Camp guides keep track of points.


God wants us to walk with him. What does that mean? (Do good things, be a good Christian, help others, go to church, etc.) When we stepped off the path today, what happened? (We lost points). What would we call stepping off God’s path? (Sin). If we walk God’s path does it mean that nothing bad will ever happen to us? (No. We will always face challenges in life, but if we stay on God’s path, we will find our way to be with him in Heaven.)


This activity is a great wrap-up for Bible Boot Camp.


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